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About IPSO

The Israeli-Palestinian Science Organization (IPSO) is a unique international not-for-profit association which promotes high quality scientific research involving cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian scientists, as well as international partners. IPSO was conceived during the turmoil of the Second Intifada in 2002 by Prof. Torsten Wiesel (1981 Nobel Laureate in Medicine and former President of Rockefeller University, New-York), Prof. Menahem Yaari (now President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities), and Prof. Sari Nusseibeh (President of Al-Quds University), who shared the vision that the universal language of science will promote not only scientific excellence and economic welfare, but also dialogue, mutual respect, equality and therefore, peace. The range of fields represented in IPSO’s research is exceptionally wide. The natural sciences head the list, including studies examining irrigation with treated wastewater, as well as environmental contamination by agricultural pesticides. Other projects address the medical sciences and nanotechnology, helping to establish the first Palestinian nanotechnology laboratory at Al-Quds University. IPSO is also involved in Israeli-Palestinian cooperation in science education that includes European partners. Presently IPSO undertakes a groundbreaking series of Israeli-Palestinian studies titled Harnessing history to understand the current Israeli-Arab water landscape. They are particularly innovative because to date there are just a handful of historical studies that shed light on the sources of water conflicts in the Jordan River Basin. IPSO research projects are peer-reviewed by IPSO’s International Scientific Council which is composed of 18 eminent scientists, many of who are Nobel Laureates.


IPSO´s role in the CLICO project

IPSO is playing a knowledge-brokerage role in CLICO assisting in the transfer of research knowledge from the CLICO project to the Jordan basin communities, facilitating links between CLICO and local scientists and stakeholders.


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