Working Papers

Stefania Barca

Nature, politics and the 'disorder of water'. Theories of environmental vulnerability in the Mediterranean (1750-1865)


Thomas Bernauer, Tobias Böhmelt, Halvard Buhaug, Nils Petter Gleditsch, Theresa Tribaldos, Eivind Berg Weibust, and Gerdis Wischnath

Water-Related Intrastate Conflict and Cooperation (WARICC): A New Event Dataset

Christiane Gerstetter, Eleftheria Kampa, Katriona McGlade, Krista Timeus

Review of international and national policies and institutional frameworks

Anita Milman, Lisa Bunclark, Declan Conway, W. Neil Adger

Adaptive Capacity of Transboundary Basins in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Sahel

Dr. Abdelrahman Tamimi, Eng. Sireen Abu 

Jordan Basin hydro- security profile 

Anita Milman, Lisa Bunclark

Indicators of Adaptive Capacity for Transboundary River Basins

Adriana Bruggeman, Katerina Charalambous, Manfred A. Lange and Panos Hadjinicolaou

Climate Change and Water Scarcity in Cyprus, Impacts and Adaptation

Elizabeth Tedsen

Climate Adaption, Water and Security at the International Level: Overview of European Union and United Nations Initiatives

Theresa Tribaldos

Conflict and Cooperation over Domestic Water Resources: Case Study on Morocco

Christiane Gerstetter, Katriona McGlade, Rodrigo Vidaurre, Elizabeth Tedsen, Haran Bar‐On

The effectiveness of policy frameworks for addressing climate induced risks to human security and conflict – report on stakeholder perspectives and demands

Adriana Bruggeman, Panos Hadjinicolaou, Manfred Lange

Climate outlooks for CLICO case study sites

Marisa C. Goulden and Sam Grainger


Giorgos Kallis and Christos Zografos

Towards an improved understanding of the hydro-climatic change and security nexus 

Giacomo D´Alisa

Human security in a loose territory: Insights from the (quasi) northern Campania region

Amaia Albizua Aguinaco, Diana Calvo Boyero, Maria Teresa Escalas Tramullas, Isabel Ruiz Mallen

El Delta del Ebro: Estudio de caso sobre la relación entre seguirdad humana, cambio climático y recursos hidráulicos 


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