Journal article on comparison of the adaptive capacities of different shared basins

 Adaptive capacities of different shared basins.

Abstract: Responses to climate change in a transboundary river basin depend on national and sub-national capacities as well as the ability of co-riparian nations to communicate, coordinate, and cooperate across their international boundaries. We develop the first framework for and indicators of transboundary adaptive capacity and use those to develop a typology of transboundary river basins. The framework includes how co-riparian states are likely to communicate, coordinate, and cooperate in the planning and implementation of adaptation measures and thus represents processes of adaptation.

Twelve measurable indicators are calculated for each of 42 basins in the Middle East, Mediterranean, and Sahel. Through cluster analysis, we delineate six categories of basins: Well Prepared, Mediated Cooperation, Good Neighbour, Dependent Instability, Self- Sufficient, and Ill Prepared. We find large variation in adaptive capacity across the study area, with basins in Western Europe generally better prepared to address the potential hazards of climate change. This typology points to how policy interventions such as adaptation could be targeted according to the characteristics of the basins. All basins in the study area would benefit from additional mechanisms for risk planning and provision.

Resilient Institutions For Sharing Water Among Nations

 Resilient Institutions For Sharing Water Among Nations.

Abstract: The adaptive capacity of transboundary basins in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Sahel differ substantially; as a result, a greater understanding of the facilitating and mitigating factors surrounding transboundary adaptation is key to levelling the playing field amongst riparian countries.




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