Case Studies

A range of areas experiencing intense hazards, impacts and social tensions or conflicts in the past were studied. The sample of cases was highly diverse in terms of geography/location, type of hazards, impacts, levels of development and type of conflict. All cases raised important human security concerns and had received intense public and political attention, domestically and internationally.

Below you will find: one page summaries of the main findings of each case-study (“results at a glance”); human security “profiles” for each case, where the main conflicts and vulnerabilities are identified in a comparable manner; individual research papers focusing on a particular aspect of theoretical or methodological interest from the case-study.

  Jordan Basin, Palestine

Jordan Basin

Jordan basin case: results at a glance
Jordan basin profile
Palestinian Territories- Integrated water management under climatic, socio-economic and political uncertainty

Gambella, Ethiopia

Eastern Nile Basin

Gambella case: results at a glance
Gambella profile

Gambella, Ethiopia- Politics of human security

Republic of Cyprus


Cyprus case: results at a glance
Cyprus profile
Climate change and adaptation in Cyprus
Cyprus- Water management by tourism sector


Andalusia-Morocco Biosphere

Morocco-Andalusia Biosphere
Andalusia-Morocco Biosphere case: results at a glance
Andalusia-Morocco profile

Andalusia Morocco Biosphere- Vulnerability assessment



Sudan case: results at a glance
Sudan profile
Sudan- Beyond scarcity, state failure and under-development



Niger case: results at a glance
Niger profile
Tahua, Niger- Divergent adaptation

Ebro Delta, Spain

Ebro Spain

Ebro Delta case: results at a glance
Ebro Delta profile

Ebro Delta, Spain- Value-based vulnerability and adaptation

Seyhan, Turkey

Seyhan River Basin

Seyhan case: results at a glance
Seyhan profile
Seyhan, Turkey- Migrant agricultural labour, adaptation and neoliberal state

Sinai, Egypt

Sinai Desert Egypt

Sinai case: results at a glance
Sinai profile
Sinai, Egypt- Vulnerability and livelihood index for adaptation

Sarno, Italy

Sarno Basin Italy

Sarno case: results at a glance
Sarno profile
Sarno, Italy- Human security in a loose territory

Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria Egypt

Alexandria case: results at a glance
Alexandria profile
Alexandria, Egypt- Sea level rise and planned relocation


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