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ICTA, the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology is a research institute at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, a University of approximately 3,000 professors and researchers and 50,000 students. ICTA aims to promote interdisciplinary research and training in environmental science and technology and counts with about 20 full time in-house senior researchers and several associated professors from other UAB departments such as economics and geography. Internationally distinguished scholars in ecological economics, paleoclimate and climate change work at ICTA. ICTA researchers publish about 80 SCI articles per year and direct the PhD work of some 60 students (60% of whom are international) with about 10 new doctoral theses per year. External funding for research work is over 3 M € per year. Currently ICTA leads or participates at 12 European FP6 and FP7 research projects. The team leading CLICO is part of the eco2bcn research group (Ecological Economics and Integrated Assessment), on of the first and leading internationally groups of ecological economics, founded by Professor Joan Martinez-Alier.

ICTA´s role in the CLICO project

ICTA coordinates the CLICO project and is also leading the case-study research work package and the network´s outreach activities. ICTA researchers are conducting the Lower Ebro, Sarno and Seyhan case-studies, while they also collaborate in the Cyprus case.


Giorgos Kallis (Project Coordinator)
Christos Zografos (Research Coordinator)
Ethemcan Turhan

Stefania Barca

Giacomo D'Alisa
Lilit Manukyan (Project Manager)




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For project related questions, or to be added to the mailing list so that you can get updates regarding the progress of our project contact:

Marina Utgés, our Project Manager

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